Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Tomboy Photo Project

'We are proud of our women just the way they are!'

with all the hype recently over the way women look, should look or what folks think they/we look like; we are now compiling photos of all the women that are perceived as 'tomboys' and putting up on the ( a secular website that has members of all faiths jotting notes and eating roti canai in cyberspace together). these photos can be of working women, in uniforms, in factory clothings, historical figures, sportswomen, our grandmothers, mothers, long as it is all from Malaysia (whatever you perceive as Malaysian, your grandmother could be from Singapore but now in Malaysia, you know that kind of thing.) Anyway, this campaign shall be lovingly tag, dedicated to the cool 'tomboys' out there as: 'We are proud of our women just the way they are!'

Please email us your photos to if you'd like us to put your photos up too! or if you have a photo uploaded already, please tag it 'tomboy photo project' and send us a notice.

please put the info for your photo be credited to ie:
This is my grandmother who was a police officer in 1950.
Jamal, photographer/ice-kacang seller, Pahang.

or just Anon. (if you don't want to be credited or the photo was taken from another source). A small size of not more than 50kb is preferred. (easier for uploading and people won't really want to copy it cos it's so small and will be pixelated if they use it anywhere else).

There is no deadline for sending in the photos but there is a starting line, and it starts now. so what you waiting for? Go ransack some albums!! :)

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  1. why not we take out the word tomboy and substitute with tomgirl.