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Updated news on court case on "Hand-holding"

‘Holding hands’ case: Court rejects impeachment bid
Wong Yeen Fern
Nov 20, 06 7:51pm

The Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) magistrate’s court today denied a request to move an impeachment proceeding against a witness in the controversial ‘holding hands’ trial.

The request was made by defence counsel S Selvam who accused second witness, DBKL personnel Rosmi Mahmud, of making false statements.

“If the court disallowed (the proceeding), how can the court make a positive judgment?” he asked.

However, magistrate Rasyihah Ghazali shot down the request but did not cite any reasons.

Selvam is representing Ooi Kean Thong and Siow Ai Wei who were issued summonses under section 8 (1) of the Public Parks By-Laws (Federal Territory) 1981 for allegedly kissing and hugging at the KLCC park on Aug 2, 2003.

The couple, who have since separated, insisted that they were merely reading letters and holding hands when they were approached by the DBKL officers who allegedly issued the summonses after the couple refused to pay them off.

Earlier, Selvam questioned Rosmi on what had transpired on the day of the incident.

Selvam: Did you disobey Rais Mohd Rashid’s (who heads the officers at the KLCC garden) orders on Aug 2, 2003?

Rosmi: I did not disobey.

Selvam: Have you ever been accused by (former) Kuala Lumpur mayor (Shaid Mohd Taufek) of disobeying Rais’s orders?

Rosmi: Yes.

(The orders were pertaining to a DBKL decision not to issue any summonses at the park.)

It was on this contradictory response that Selvam applied for the impeachment order.

Meanwhile, Deputy Public Prosecutor Noor Arrifin Hisham also argued against the need for an impeachment proceeding as the court has the ability to evaluate the statements made by witnesses.

“The court is wise enough to evaluate whether the statements given are true or false, unless the defence counsel can prove that the witness had contradictory statements,” he said.

Hearing will continue on Dec 11.

If found guilty, Ooi and Siow can be slapped with a one-year jail term or a maximum fine of RM2,000 or both.

DBKL officer: I saw couple acting indecently
Wong Yeen Fern
Sep 25, 06 7:00pm

A Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) enforcement officer today described at the magistrate’s court the alleged indecent behaviour of a couple which prompted them to be issued summonses.

Rosmi Mahmood, 47, told the court that he found the couple - Ooi Kean Tong, 27 and Siow Ai Wei, 25, - hiding themselves under a tree and behaving indecently at the Kuala Lumpur City Centre public park in 2003.

To questions by Deputy Public Prosecutor Noor Ariffin Hisham, Rosmi said that Ooi was hugging Siow while facing her at the time he saw them.

Ariffin: How was Ooi seated when you saw him?

Rosmi: He was sitting on the grass by putting his hands around the girl and also with his legs wide open facing the girl

Ariffin: What did you see the couple doing?

Rosmi: I saw the boy hugging the girl and touching her nose and then (touched ) towards the cheek.

The witness added that he then instructed his fellow officer (and the first witness) Mohd Noor Abdul Manaf to issue summonses to the couple.

Ooi and Siow were issued summonses under Section 8 (1) of the Public Parks By-Laws (Federal Territory) 1981 for allegedly indulging in kissing and hugging at the KLCC park on August 2, 2003. The couple are no longer together.

If found guilty under the charge, they can each be given a one-year jail term or a maximum fine of RM2000 or both.

Reading letters
Earlier today Magistrate Rashihah Ghazali rejected an application by defence counsel S Selvam to dismiss the case as it was groundless. She then allowed the prosecution to continue the trial with their witnesses.

Selvam said he will be appealing against the magistrate’s decision. The case continues to Nov 20 and Dec 11.

This case drew international media coverage and sparked off widespread public outcry domestically when it first broke.

The couple insist that they were merely reading letters and holding hands when City Hall enforcement officers accosted them.

They pleaded not guilty when they were charged at the City Hall Magistrate Court in 2004 and again when the charge against them was technically amended on July 19 this year.

I’m still suspended, DBKL officer tells court
Andrew Ong
Jul 18, 06 8:49pm

A Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) enforcement officer, who had summoned a young couple for allegedly offensive behaviour three years ago at the KLCC public park, admitted in court today that he had been suspended from his position following the highly-publicised incident.

Testifying at City Hall Magistrate’s Court in Kuala Lumpur, Mohd Noor Abdul Manaf, 52, said a DBKL disciplinary board had convened soon after the incident and suspended him for ‘disobeying orders and not being responsible’.

He added that his suspension was still in force and besides this, there was an Anti-Corruption Agency case against him for which he was currently on a RM2,000 bail.

Mohd Noor was testifying as a prosecution witness at the trial of a young couple who were issued a DBKL compound for alleged indecent behavior at the Kuala Lumpur City Centre park on Aug 2, 2003.

Before the trial started this morning, deputy public prosecutor Nor Ariffin Hisham from the Attorney-General’s Chambers applied to the court to have the charge amended.

Ooi Kean Tong, 25 (pix), and Siow Ai Wei, 23, are now charged under Section 3 (v) of the Parks (Federal Territory) By-laws 1981 which ‘prohibits the use of indecent language or offensive behaviour’. They pleaded not guilty.

When the case was first mentioned in 2004, they were charged under Section 8 (1) for ‘behaving in a disorderly manner’. If found guilty under the new charge, they can each be given a one-year jail term or a maximum fine of RM2,000 or both.

Observed couple
Mohd Noor told the court that he was on his way to work for an event at the KLCC park at about 5pm when he stumbled upon the couple under a tree. He said that together with his colleague Rosmi Mahmud, he disembarked from their motorcycle and approached the couple on foot.

“The male was sitting and embracing the female from behind and resting his hands on her abdomen. His head was caressing her face as though they were kissing,” said Noor.

He claimed that he had observed the couple for between three to four minutes before Rosmi moved in to explain the offence to the couple.

Ariffin: “After explaining to the offence to the couple, what was their reaction?”

Noor: “They asked what was the amount of the compound. Rosmi replied that it would not be over RM500, maybe RM400, RM300 or RM200, depending on the compounds officer and if paid within 14 days at (the DBKL headquarters) in Jalan Raja Laut.”

Ariffin: “What happened next?”

Noor: “The male said that he only had RM50 and attempted to take out his wallet but Rosmi asked him not to do so.”

Following this, Noor said that Rosmi ordered him to issue a compound to the couple.

“Since I had lost my glasses, I asked Rosmi to help me write the compound as the words on the identity card were too small. I then signed the compound,” said Noor.

Cross-examined by defence counsel S Selvam, Noor then admitted his suspension from work and the pending ACA case.

Noor claimed that he did not know what DBKL instructions he had allegedly disobeyed. He disagreed with counsel’s contention that he was not supposed to be on duty on the day of the incident.

Former mayor lying?
Selvam then tendered a news report dated Sept 18, 2003 as a court exhibit which quoted then Kuala Lumpur Mayor Mohmad Shaid Mohd Taufek (pix) as announcing Noor’s suspension on the grounds that Noor was found guilty of patrolling an area not defined to him.

Noor, however, disagreed with this.

Selvam: “I put it to you that you are lying in court today.”

Noor: “I disagree.”

Selvam: “Then was the (former) mayor lying?”

Noor: “I’m not sure.”

Hearing was then postponed to tomorrow morning.

Ooi’s and Siow’s case drew international media coverage and sparked off widespread public outcry domestically when it first broke. The couple insist that they were merely reading letters and holding hands when City Hall enforcement officers approached them.

They also claim that the officers issued them with the summonses when they refused to pay a bribe.

Couple’s ‘indecent behaviour’ trial postponed
Nurul Nazirin
Jun 23, 05 1:54pm

The Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) court today postponed the hearing involving a young couple charged with indecent behaviour to Sept 27.

Magistrate Mohd Khairi Haron deferred the matter as he was engaged with other cases.

Ooi Kean Tong, 22 and his girlfriend Siow Ai Wei, 21 were accused of hugging and kissing at the Kuala Lumpur City Centre (KLCC) park on Aug 2, 2003.

They were issued summonses under Section 8 (1) of the park bylaws (Federal Territory) 1981 for indecent behaviour.

The pair claimed trial, saying that they were merely reading letters and holding hands when approached by DBKL enforcement officers.

Bribe money
They claimed that the officers had asked them for bribe money and slapped them with summonses when they refused to pay.

If found guilty, the couple can be charged with a one-year jail term or a maximum fine of RM2,000 or both.

Non-governmental organisations and politicians have decried the incident, saying it would make Malaysia the laughing stock of the world and would affect its tourism industry.

Friday, June 02, 2006

In the Media

Statement from the Hand Holding Action

Siow Ai Wei and Ooi Kean Thong 1 June 2006

We are here because…
  • we want to show our support to Siow Ai Wei and Ooi Kean Thong;

  • we applaud their courageous stance and resolve in retaining their right to self-determination, especially on something as private as the demonstration of affection;

  • we believe that holding hands, or even kissing, does not constitute “indecent behaviour”;

  • we deem that excessive and intrusive control of individual behaviour by the State, particularly under the guise of ‘morality’, is unacceptable;

  • we think that we, as civic-conscious individuals, have the capacity to judge for ourselves, whether or not our behaviour will offend others around us;

  • we reject laws that validate and enable voyeuristic behaviour by officials in power, or the potential for private individuals to ‘spy’ and ‘tell’ on each other – such laws encourage an environment of mutual suspicion and mistrust, and is gravely damaging to social relations;

  • we do not accept the broad, careless and simplistic strokes made by some Members of the Parliament and the judiciary on what constitutes ‘Asian’ or ‘Western’ cultural values – norms, culture and values are ‘living’ concepts that are constantly being developed, redefined and reinterpreted;

  • we hold that openness, tolerance and acceptance of diversity and difference is fundamental to a peaceful and strong nation – particularly for Malaysia where there are multiple and fluid ethnicities, as well as cultural values, norms and practices;

  • we call for a focus of government resources, energy and attention on more substantive issues that are faced by people in this country, such as poverty, sexism, identity- based discrimination and violence, displacement, quality education, environmental sustainability, good governance and corruption.
1 June 2006


Some media & writers have been great in showing their support to the issue by publishing the case and our action. You will definitely come across some inconsistency and oddity if you read them all, but consider this as an exercise in reading news critically ;-)

Front page, Sin Chew Jit Poh, one of the most widely read Chinese language national press (can anyone read Mandarin ah? we all blur... if can, help us translate okay?):

Page 2, The Sun, the nation's only free national daily:

Radiqradio, our very own Malay language community radio that you can also listen to online here


  • www.Klue.com.my took some photoes for their blog as they marched with us.
  • cheneille neo blogged a personal take to her participation

Send us your link now :)

It apparently is also out on Guang Ming, but we're not sure. If you come across anymore, in a small buried corner in the landscape of words, news and images, let us know.

Berpegang Tangan, Memberi Bunga, Mencari Petua

1 JUNE 2006, KUALA LUMPUR: Siow Ai Wei dan Ooi Kean Thong hadir ke mahkamah majistret DBKL pada pukul 9 pagi untuk perbicaraan kes mereka. Kedua-dua orang muda itu didakwa berkelakuan "kurang sopan" kerana kononnya, berpegang tangan and bercium di taman KLCC. Turut bersama mereka adalah aktivis, individu, peguam dan para NGO yang memberi sokongan terhadap Siow dan Ooi.

Keberanian pasangan tersebut ternyata apabila mereka bukan sahaja mencabar dakwaan itu, malah membuat laporan polis terhadap pegawai KLCC yang meminta rasuah daripada mereka sebelum mereka disaman. Ooi dan Siow juga mencabar kuasa Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur (DBKL) untuk mewujudkan undang-undang kecil bagi mendakwa mana-mana pihak yang berkelakuan tidak sopan di tempat awam.

Seksyen 8(1) Undang-Undang Kecil Taman, seksyen yang dirujuk oleh Datuk Bandar untuk menghukum sesiapa yang didapati berkelakuan tidak sopan di tempat awam diputuskan oleh Mahkamah Persekutuan pada 4 April lalu behawa adalah mengikut perlembagaan. Namun, kelakuan apa yang akan ditakrifkan sebagai "kurang sopan" masih diragui.

Adakah pertunjukkan kasih sayang dan cinta itu merupakan suatu yang "kurang sopan"? Adakah masyarakat Malaysia yang sering diseru dan digelar sebagai "masyarakat penyayang" itu tidak sanggup mendekati perkataan dengan perbuatan?

KataGender bersama lebih 20 orang muda, antaranya daripada DEMA, KOMAS, bloggers, pelajar-pelajar kolej dan juga individu-individu, mengadakan aksi di hadapan mahkamah majistret DBKL untuk menyatakan dengan tegas dan kuat bahawa "KAMI TIDAK MENERIMA KUASA PIHAK KERAJAAN TEMPATAN UNTUK MENTAKRIFKAN PERBUATAN INDIVIDU SEBAGAI ISU YANG PERLU DIKUASAI DAN DEPERUNDANGI"

Kami memakai logo stensil yang menunjukkan pasangan berpegang tangan dibelakang jeriji penjara, dan memegang placard berbentuk "thought bubbles" yang ditulis frasa-frasa dan persoalan-persoalan seperti, "ada apa dengan cinta?", "berpegang atau tidak, itu adalah hak kita!" dan sebagainya, dalam pelbagai bahasa (KataGender masih memerlukan sesiapa yang fasih dalam bahasa Tamil untuk menyertai aksi-aksi kami!).

Walaupun kes Siow dan Ooi telah ditangguh ke 18 dan 19 hb Julai, kami terus mengadakan aksi tersebut kerana prinsipnya masih tetap jitu. Pada pukul 10 pagi, kami membaca statement kami dihadapan mahkamah majistret DBKL, terutamanya kepada pihak media massa.

Dari mahkamah, kami berarak sambil berpegang ke KLCC, tempat dimana Ooi dan Siow dituduh. Dalam perjalanan tersebut, kami dilalui oleh van DBKL. Apabila kami menonjolkan logo stensil kami, mereka mengangguk kepala dan dengan muka yang serba salah, meneruskan perjalanan mereka.

Di KLCC, kami berpecah ke kelompok yang lebih kecil, dan berjalan-jalan di shopping mall itu sambil bertanya pendapat keluarga, pasangan dan shoppers yang lain tentang isu berpegang tangan oleh orang ramai di tempat awam, dan juga menarik perhatian mereka kepada kes Siow dan Ooi.

Antagony Aunt juga turut berborak dengan sekumpulan lelaki korporat, seorang ibu dan sepasang kekasih. Kesemuanya tidak setuju bahawa petunjukkan kasih sayang itu hendaklah ditakluk oleh undang-undang kerajaan, dan berpendapat bahawa orang ramai mempunyai kewarasan diri sendiri untuk membuat keputusan behawa adakah tingkah-laku mereka menggangu orang lain. Syukur...

Selepas perbualan, kami memberi sekuntum bunga kepada mereka, sebagai satu gesture keikhlasan kami, dan juga untuk menampilkan unsur keamanan aksi dan protest kami. Ahli-ahli sekuriti yang cuba menghalang aksi ini turut diberikan bunga dan masa untuk berbicara tentang kes ini, prinsip-prinsip "peaceful actions", tugas mereka dan sebagainya.

Pada kali ini, Balai Polis Dang Wangi tidak dihubungi, dan kami tidak dicurah dengan hujan kuning atau baton yang bertindak tanpa berfikir. Syukur sekali lagi...


Gambar-gambar oleh Asyraf Lee
Foto-foto juga boleh didapati disini

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Since When Is Affection A Crime?


Do you like holding hands? How about sharing a hug with the person that you care for? Can you accept kisses as a way to show affection? Do you think that you have the ability to judge for yourself whether or not your behaviour will offend others around you? Does it matter to you if you are being treated equally as everyone else, including tourists from other countries like Singapore or the UK?


Come and support the court case of two young people that are charged for "indecent behavior", all because they allegedly hugged and kissed in a public park.

Day: Thursday, 1st June 2006
Time: 9:00am
Place: DBKL Magistrates Court, Jalan Tun Razak (near the Pekeliling Flats, behind Tawakal Hospital. Nearest LRT Stop: Titiwangsa)
Map: DBKL Court | Putra LRT | Alternative Map of Jln Tun Razak

On 2 August 2003, Ooi Kean Thong (24) and Siow Ai Wei (22) were accused of "indecent behaviour" at the KLCC park.

They lodged a report against the two DBKL officers who allegedly issued them with a summons after they refused to bribe them. Not only that, the challenged the city council's authority to enact such "morality laws".

On 4 April 2006, the Federal Court ruled that the KL City Hall had the authority to enact bylaws to prosecute people for indecent public behaviour.

Worried that tourists will stop visiting our country because of such openly ridiculous policing of private behavior, the Mayor of KL hastily reassured the BBC on the very next day, that this will not apply to tourists.

Meanwhile, Ooi and Siow will have to defend themselves against the charge of indecent behaviour.

Where do you stand?

Come to the hearing and show your support to Siow and Ooi's courageous stance. KataGender (katagender.blogspot.com) is organising a visual statement on the day. Join us as we hold hands and state your thoughts.

Please wear a white or plain coloured t-shirt and bring marker pens, cardboard, and your friends.

For more information, contact: kata.gender@gmail.com

We will be meeting at the Masjid Jamek LRT station at 8:15am - 8:30am to go the courts together via the LRT.

Alternatively, you can meet us directly at the DBKL Magistrates Court.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Berita Terkini: Kebenaran Telah Mati

Berita Terkini

Kebenaran telah Mati
Oleh B.M.T

KUALA LUMPUR, 13 Januari: Kebenaran telah pun menemui ajalnya dan dijangka akan dikebumikan di tanah perkuburan Bangsar esok. Kematiannya merupakan suatu kehilangan yang amat besar pada negara, dan membuatkan kita tersedar dan bangkit. Setelah bertahun lamanya berjuang untuk terus hidup, Kebenaran akhirnya tidak lagi mampu menanggung kesemua serangan yang dihadapinya dari pelbagai sudut.

Antara kejadian pahit yang diketahui umum termasuklah pengambilalihan Utusan Melayu oleh UMNO pada tahun 1961, pengambilalihan Nanyang Siang Pau oleh MCA pada 2001, dan hanya minggu lepas, iaitu pada 5 Januari, campurtangan terus dari kerajaan dalam penyingkiran dua editor senior di China Press.

Pencerobohan kuasa ini telah menjejaskan penglihatan Kebenaran menjadi kabur, dan telah meyebabkannya membuat keputusan-keputusan yang kurang waras sejak beberapa dekad ini. Rakyat yang selama ini bergantung pada Kebenaran bagi melibatkan diri dalam proses demokrasi, telah telah pun terjejas kepercayaannya terhadap keadilan.

Semakin hari, Kebenaran semakin kehilangan anggotanya melalui kurangnya kepertanggungjawaban dan keluhuran wartawan dan media massa. Seseorang yang enggan disiarkan namanya mengatakan, “Kadangkala sesetangah berita dilaporakan untuk mendedahkan kelemahan rakyat bagi mengalih perhatian terhadap kesalahan pihak kerajaan.”

Didorong oleh faktor komersial, sensasi dan kerapkali, cerita yang sengaja diada-adakan, laporan-laporan berita telah dibuat untuk disebarkan umum tanpa memperdulikan Kebenaran.

Salah satu contohnya adalah liputan baru-baru tentang apa yang dikatakan isu ‘Black Metal’, yang mana masyarakat ditakut-takutkan dengan suatu jenis aliran musik, tanpa benar-benar memahami atau mengetahui sejarah sebenar atau konteks muzik tersebut. Bukan itu sahaja, beratus-ratus remaja Malaysia telah ditangkap secara rambang dan dituduh sebagai rosak akhlak – Kesemuanya hanyalah untuk mencipta isu sensasi bagi melariskan jualan terbitan mereka. Melalui laporan-laporan sedemikian, suatu budaya baru telah dicipta dengan begitu mudah oleh media massa dengan begitu tidak bertanggungjawab sekali, untuk terus mengawal sekumpulan rakyat yang tidak mempunyai kuasa. Hak asasi manusia dan kebebasan remaja telah dikekang dengan begitu teruk sekali, hasil keghairahan media komersial murahan dan oleh wartawan-wartawan yang tidak bertanggungjawab.

Kanser sebegini telah memakan daging Kebenaran dan melemahkan keupayaannya untuk berdiri teguh. Orang ramai yang berhak mendapat maklumat tepat sebaliknya disuapkan ceramah isu moral yang memualkan. Menurut suatu sumber sulit, “Secara beransur-ansur, kita lihat masyarakat menjadi begitu ketagih pada drama dan kontroversi. Dengan penutupan minda sedemikian dan hilang kemampuan berpikiran kritikal, keupayaan mereka sebagai rakyat aktif kian bertambah lumpuh”.

Seperti tidak cukup setakat itu, telah bertahun lamanya Kebenaran dibebani dan diikat dengan pelbagai undang-undang yang menyekat kebebasannya untuk mendengar dan berkata-kata. Undang-undang ini termasuklah Akta Cetak dan Penerbitan, Akta Komunikasi dan Multimedia, Akta Hasutan, Akta Maklumat Rahsia dan Akta Keselamatan Dalam Negeri (ISA). Apabila digabungkan, kesemua akta ini telah pun mampu menjahit tutup keseluruhan mata,telinga dan mulut Kebenaran.

Dengan darah yang telah pun diracuni, kehilangan anggota dan kehilangan deria rasa, Kebenaran masih mampu untuk terus hidup agak lama juga. Mungkin kerana beberapa orang individu dan organisasi telah menolong untuk cuba menjalankan pembedahan dan memulihkan Kebenaran melalui media alternatif. Namun begitu, usaha-usaha ini telah pun dibuat semana yang mampu.

Akhirnya, Kebenaran mati jua. Sekarang hanyalah tinggal untuk waktu berkabung. Oleh itu, marilah berkabung, berdoa, dan bersedia untuk menempuh waktu-waktu yang penuh keraguan. Tiada lagi Kebenaran sebagai tempat kita bergantung.

[Kenyataan Akhbar utk aksi Pusara Media]
Latest News

Truth is Dead
by B.M.T

KUALA LUMPUR, 13 January: Truth is dead and expected to be buried on the grounds in Bangsar tomorrow. Its death is a great blow to the nation, and its finality a sobering fact to wake up to. After struggling for its life for many years, Truth was not able to bear up to the multiple assaults it received from various quarters.

Some of the most widely grieved events include the Utusan Melayu takeover from UMNO in 1961, the Nanyang Siang Pau takeover from MCA in 2001, and only last week, on 5th January, direct interference from the government in the sacking of two senior editors in China Press.

This invasion of control has affected Truth’s eyes to be able to see without being obscured, and has created more and more dubious judgement calls for several decades now.
Citizens who rely on Truth to be able to participate actively in democracy have been severely shaken by the inability to trust its impartiality.

Truth has been losing more and more limbs through the lack of accountability and integrity of journalists and members of the press. One affected individual who wishes to be unnamed stated, “Sometimes some news stories are reported to focus on the mistakes of citizens in order to divert the attention away from the mistakes of the government.”

Driven by commercialisation, sensationalism and oftentimes, complete fabrication of facts, news reports have been produced for mass consumption without accountability to Truth.

One example is the recent coverage of the so-called ‘Black Metal’ issue, where a particular genre of music has been demonised without any real understanding or knowledge of its history or context. Not only that, hundreds of young Malaysians have been arbitrarily targetted and accused of moral corruption with an agenda of pushing for sales through sensationalism. Through the reports, a new culture has been randomly created by the press to further control a group of relatively powerless citizens. The human rights and freedoms of young people have been severely curtailed for crass commercialism through irresponsible media and journalism.

This form of cancer has eaten into the blood stream of Truth to weaken its ability to stand its ground. The public who has a right to receive accurate information and facts are instead fed fables heavily dosed with self-serving morality. According to a source that wishes to remain anonymous, “We have slowly seen the public become addicts of drama and controversy. With such a closing of the mind and the shutting down of critical faculties, their capacity as active citizens have been further crippled.”

In a final act of indignity, Truth has been burdened and tied up with scores of legislations that restrict its freedom to listen or speak for many years. These laws include the Printing and Publications Act, Communications and Multimedia Act, Sedition Act, Official Secrets Act and Internal Security Act. Working together, these acts effectively sewn the eyes, ears and mouth of Truth shut.

With poisoned blood, loss of limbs and sensory capacities, it is a wonder that Truth has been able to survive for as long as it did. Perhaps this is due to some individuals and organisations have attempted to perform regenerative operations and surgery on Truth through alternative media. However, these efforts have done all it can.

Truth is dead. It is time to mourn. Put on your black clothes, say a prayer, and be prepared for an age of uncertainty and scepticism. We have nothing more to rely on for knowing the Truth.

[Press Statement for Pusara Media action]

Friday, January 13, 2006

Pusara Media Candle Light Vigil

Pagi ini, memorandum tentang Kebebasan Media telah disampaikan kepada SUHAKAM. Malam esok pula...


satu acara berkabung dan protes aman atas kematian etika media/journalis dalam melaksanakan tukar dan melaporkan berita-berita yang beranalisis kukuh dan benar.


1. berarak daripada PUTRA LRT Bangsar ke bangunan pejabat NEWS STRAITS TIMES (NST) - Harian Metro di Jalan Riong, Bangsar.
2. berkumpul dan menyalakan lilin di hadapan pejabat NST.
3. persembahan - teater jalanan, sajak, speech dan aksi-aksi yang dirasakan patut.


1. sila berpakaian hitam.
2. sila bawa lilin dan botol mineral sebagai tapak lilin.
3. sila bawa banner, placard, puppets, musical instruments sendiri dengan mesej yang sesuai.
4. semua orang boleh participate untuk baca puisi, street teater dan persembahan yang lain.
5. perjumpaan/meeting sebelum acara di UBU Bangsar pada hari Jumaat 13/01/2006, pada pukul 8:00 malam.

Tarikh: 14 January 2006 (Sabtu)
Tempat: berkumpul di kawasan bawah stesen PUTRA LRT Bangsar.
Masa: 8.00 - 8.30 malam (masa berkumpul)
Kontak: 016 9045205 / 013 2437092

Petisyen Hentikan Diskriminasi!

Tandatangan di Sini | Sign the Petition Here

Petisyen kepada Kerajaan Malaysia

Undang-Undang Keluarga Islam: Hentikan Diskriminasi Terhadap Wanita!

Kami warga Malaysia, lelaki dan wanita yang terdiri dari berbilang agama, amat bimbang terhadap penghakisan hak wanita, terutama wanita Islam, yang terus berlaku di Malaysia.

Pelbagai pindaan kepada undang-undang keluarga Islam dalam dua dekad kebelakangan ini, semakin menggugat kedudukan wanita, terutamanya wanita Islam, dalam rumahtangganya. Syarat-syarat untuk berpoligami, perceraian, pembahagian nafkah dan hadhanah kebanyakannya memihak kepada kaum lelaki dan merugikan kaum perempuan. Malah, pelaksanaan undang-undang dalam proses perundangan Syariah juga berat sebelah kepada pihak lelaki. Banyak laporan akhbar dan aduan yang diterima pertubuhan wanita menunjukkan wanita tidak menerima layanan yang adil dan saksama dari pihak mahkamah Syariah.

Pelulusan Rang Undang-Undang Keluarga Islam (Wilayah Persekutuan) (Pindaan) 2005 oleh Dewan Negara bulan lepas merupakan satu lagi tindakan dalam arus penghakisan hak wanita. Pindaan terbaru ini memberikan pihak lelaki kuasa yang jauh lebih besar dari dahulu untuk berpoligami, untuk menceraikan isteri dan juga untuk membekukan harta isteri untuk menuntut harta sepencarian, manakala peluang pihak wanita untuk menegakkan hak mereka kian luput.

Adalah amat mengecewakan bahawa Malaysia, salah satu tokoh di kalangan negara Islam, telah memilih langkah ke belakang dengan meluluskan pindaan yang memudaratkan kaum perempuan. Ini tentu tidak sejajar dengan arus perubahan di kalangan beberapa negara Islam yang mengorak langkah untuk meminda undang-undang keluarga Islam ke arah kesaksamaan dan keadilan antara lelaki dan wanita. Satu perkembangan terbaru di dunia Islam yang amat dialu-alukan ialah pelulusan pindaan terhadap Moudawana (Kod Status Personal) di Maghribi yang mendukung prinsip keadilan dan kesetaraan antara lelaki dan wanita dalam Islam. Perkembangan seperti inilah yang sepatutnya diteladani oleh negara Malaysia.

Untuk memastikan agar hak wanita, terutama hak wanita Islam, di negara ini tidak terus digugat, malah ditegakkan dan dimajukan, kami menyeru agar Kerajaan Malaysia:

• Tidak mewartakan Rang Undang-Undang ini pada peringkat Wilayah Persekutuan, dan menggantung pelaksanaannya di negeri-negeri yang sudah meluluskannya,
• Menggubal Rang Undang-Undang Keluarga Islam yang baru berdasarkan kepada prinsip keadilan dan kesaksamaan,
• Menubuhkan Jawatankuasa Khas Parlimen supaya dapat menjalankan perbicaraan terbuka di seluruh negara untuk mendengar dan memastikan suara rakyat umum akan terlibat dalam penggubalan undang-undang yang mempengaruhi kehidupan seharian mereka,
• Menghormati hak asasi manusia, terutamanya hak wanita Islam dalam rumahtangga, dan mengkaji pentafsiran undang-undang Islam alternatif yang menegakkan kesaksamaan antara lelaki dan wanita dan juga mendukung hak asasi manusia sejagat.

Kami, dengan ikhlas dan tegas, percaya bahawa kesaksamaan antara lelaki dan perempuan patut dinikmati oleh semua rakyat dan pemastautin tetap di Malaysia, tanpa mengira bangsa dan agama. Prinsip in sejajar dengan tuntutan Perlembagaan Persekutuan, Perisytiharan Hak Asasi Manusia Sejagat, Konvensi Mengenai Penghapusan Segala Bentuk Diskriminasi Terhadap Wanita, yang telah dipersetujui oleh kerajaan Malaysia pada tahun 1995, dan juga ajaran seluruh agama di dunia.

More information

Lainie, one of the 'innocent' watchers who got roped into the action blogged about her experience. Funny how cliches come back and bite you in the arse. Maybe in life, there is no such thing as clean-hands bystanders :-|

Enjoy the ride while you scroll down to her blogging of the event on 9th Jan ;-)

Bobjots also blogged (with a little more gravity) on what the IFL issue is about.

If you still want more, here's the leaflet we handed out with the petition:

Parody of the IFL Bill

Christmas day present this year by our go'men to the rakyat, was the passing of the Islamic Family Law Bill. This is despite the fact that dalam Dewan Negara, seramai 25 ahli senator wanita membantah perlulusan akta itu. Nazri Aziz dpd Pejabat Perdana Menteri mengarah 19 orang senator dpd Barisan Nasional utk mengundi mengikut Party Line. Dalam kata lain, jangan memberontak, jangan membantah, kalau tidak, akan dipecat. Nazri invoked the Whip.

Apa gunanya demokrasi sekiranya wakil rakyat, institusi dan mekanisme demokrasi tidak berfungsi untuk menegakkan keadilan?

Parody Parlimen sedang bersesi

Inilah persoalan yang kami tonjolkan dalam aksi KataGender ahad lalu dikaki-jalan bandar Kuala Lumpur. Jika demokrasi bermakna kuasa didalam tangan sesiapa yang berhak untuk invoke the Whip, maka semua senator-senator & wakil-wakil rakyat cuma patung pak & mak turut yang pandai tersenyum kambing sahaja. Bukan?


"Sekiranye nak kahwin, kena serahkan semua hak kepada suami. Setuju?"

Apa yang difikirkan oleh Security Guard ini? Tentang hak dia sebagai seorang rakyat? Sebagai seorang anak lelaki, potensi suami, atau tentang gaji yang mungkin dipotong sebab budak-budak ni buat benda entah apalah..

Kamu rasa secure ye? Sebab lelaki, sebab bukan Muslim..Tapi dengarlah!

Jangan menoleh-dalih lagi, ini isu kamu, kami, kita semua.

Salah satu daripada cadangan Bill yang tetap diluluskan oleh 'Parlimen Puppet' kita: "Sekiranya tiada mempunyai bapa, tidak layak untuk undi"
"If you dont have a father, you dont have a right to vote"

Hmm.. mesti aku kisahke? Aku dapat banyak lagi hak..takpekan? Kan? Kan???

"Marilah kambing-kambingku... Tidak.. tak bawak kamu semua utk disembelihkan. Percayalah cakap datuk.."

Senyuman palsu, Suara terpendam. Inikah demokrasi?

"Bill yang seturusnya.. satu keluarga, satu undi cukuplah. Boleh?"

"Kamu berani membantah? Datuk sebat kamu! Invoke the Whip! Invoke the Whip!"

Senator & MP maju kehadapan! *uhuk* *uhuk*

Aksi ini juga cuba mendapatkan respons dan action dpd orang ramai. Dengan cara yang mudah. Kalau nakkan hak, senangje.. boleh mula dengan menandatangani petisyen!

Dalam LRT sempat juga nak mendapatkan engagement.

Jangan tengokje..Gunakan kuasa demokratik anda!

Tandatangan Petisyen

Sesi demokratik kaki-lima sedang dijalankan :)

photoes by ezrena marwan: www.ezthetic.net

Jamming VAW - some foto-foto

Okay, Antagony Aunt telah terlanjur diasyiki musim perayaan dan tahun akhir. Report back ttg Jamming VAW Night terlewat. Dah terlepas terlalu lama... dan makcik nyanyuk dah nyanyuk sikit. Tak teringat detail-detail.

Secara ringkasnya, kami mendapat sokongan yang sungguh inspiring daripada komuniti pemuzik, penulis dan pembuat filem. Inilah leaflet acara kami pada malam itu:

Sungguh bertuah ada orang-orang ramai yang sudi menyesatkan diri utk mencari lokasi LostGenerationSpace utk support isu Keganasan Terhadap Wanita. Tak mention pula artis artis seperti Rafidah Abdullah (3r), Rafil (360 degree head rotation), Joe Kidd, Peter Hassan Brown & Marzika, Bernice Chauly, Mei Chern, Mien, Sei Hon, Julian dengan Malaikatnya di Jendela & Azmyl Yunor yang turut kongsi bakat & cerita-berita pada malam tu.

Kenapa begitu bersemangat? Inilah kerana pasal isu keganasan terhadap wanita!

Dengar khabar, KataGender tak cukup duit utk bayar sound system pd malam tu sebenarnya. Tapi dengan kuasa buruh kolektif, mereka dapat juga raise ngam-ngam cukup RM325 dpd artwork "Bilik Masak-Masak" dan juga stencilling atas surat jamin polis. RM300 utk sound system, yang terlebih pada FoodNotBombs utk beli makanan utk BBQ utk event malam seterusnya. Okaylah, cukup cerita, a picture apparently speaks a thousand words. So here's a few thousand:

sambil mendengar dendangan lagu, boleh juga melukis-lukis!

azmyl.. makan gaji! [sorry, photograhy tu slack sikit]

dalam bilik masak-masak

aktiviti kat luar, stencilling surat jamin. seringgit je satu.

stencil surat jamin tak cukup, nak stencil seluar juga..

nak buat event, kena potong rumput. nak potong rumput, tapi takde duit. buat DIY, macam mana nak buang rumput yang dah kena potong? buatlah..art attack! kalau tonggang-terbalik, adake nampak macam kambing hitam sikit?

KataGender ada juga mendapat support daripada penulis berbakat. Bernice Chauly mebaca script seorang transgender bernama Honey.

Peter Hassan Brown & Marzika. Betulnie.. kami berjamming tentang keganasan terhadap wanita!

Hasil artwork dpd Bilik Masak-masak. Gempak juga dikalangan mesejnye.

Nampak tu, guna blade kipas. Ngeri sikit...

Mei Chern.."do you see me like you?"

Mural, nampak familiar tak? :)