Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Mural Painting

3 December

In support of Women's Aid Organisation, Sisters In Islam, Amnesty International Malaysia and Malaysian AIDS Council, KataGender got together to paint a mural on the NGO's theme for 16 Days this year:

Get the Power, Get the Knowledge, Keep the Promise

Playing around with retro-style, we attempted to symbolise the various elements needed to form a movement around women's rights - hence the waves.

But I think maybe it ended up looking a bit like a signboard for Mimaland, as cheekily observed by one of our members. Takpelah.. asalkan jadi! Anyway, kami akan continue pada 9 December, kali ini menggunakan cara stencilling. So jom join!

Now gambar-time:

angkut barang bukan senang!

boing boing! set up time...

mari mengecat!

penuh dengan concentra-si nampaknye.

apa ni? symbol black metal?? bukanlah.. simbol perempuan ;-p

jangan main-main dengan masking tape.

clean up crew! cuba teka, siapa pegang kamera? berminyaknye muka..

err... hilang inspirasi untuk describe adegan pelik dan boria ini..

To be continued pada 9 Disember, The Lost Generation Space!

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