Monday, January 21, 2008

Meeting Results

A Katagender meeting was held tonight, in a dimly lit living room designed not as a meeting point for enthusiastic minds, but for a night of hardcore couch-potatoing. With such a challenge at hand, I declare it impressive that any action plans have been drafted at all for Katagender's 2008 calendar.

As I was not allowed to film the discussion, all I can tentatively recall is that there shall be

1) a follow-up meeting to plan a workshop on sexuality for a gig at Annex
2) an online discussion on women and political processes, in order to figure out an aksi in support of WCI
3) a monthly meet for debates (logistics and willpower may prove otherwise, but we'll see)
4) a focus on the issue of female candidacy in the elections - meritocracy? affirmative action? (see point 2)
5) attempts to raise awareness on aforementioned topics.

Apparently, we should work on our strengths- 3 videographers, an organised activism person, a designer, some writers, a lawyer; and our resources - dirty laundry, plenty of chalk, and our collective poverty that we refer to as "the budget".

Suggestions were made on hugging people while dressed as Care Bears (which will strain "the budget"), ballot boxes / boxers in demonstrations (too obscure / difficult to run away in / requires additional work of poking holes for eyes), making raincoat flags (too seditious), holding workshops, Bjork concert together in Jakarta to raise our spirits, applying for a grant to go to said concert, and so on.

The silliness out of the way, it seems the short term direction of Katagender will be to focus on the role (absence?) of women in politics. I was told about the Women's Candidacy Initiative 2, a name I was mostly unfamiliar with:

The following anecdote is ganked from Sisters in Islam:

The Women's Candidacy Initiative
The Women's Candidacy Initiative is a bridge between political participation as party members and social activism through non-governmental organisations. It is about creating space for women to participate in politics and expanding currently existing opportunities to impact at the political level so that Malaysians have a larger number of politically experienced women, who then could choose where to invest their abilities. Women's Candidacy Initiative is a bridge. We are unable to put up the link but visitors can email Zaitun Kasim for more information.

(it's okay, I didn't read it either)

Some dates and activities were eventually agreed upon. I do not have the dates, my primary function seems to be to update my blog (and now, Katagender's). It's ironic, considering the person elected to relay information is also the one least equipped with the faculties to retain it in the first place.

Those who were present may feel free to edit this post, I'm just starting first cause you wankers never update the blog (look at the last post! That was yonks ago!) (JK: edited some).

If anyone will like to be on the mailing list, email


  1. it's a sexuality workshop after a gig on 8 Feb.


  2. Anonymous10:14 AM

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